Specialist Support

Do you have children in your school who are having to cope with traumatic events in their lives?

Do you have a son / daughter who is losing confidence in the classroom because of other issues going on around them?

As a qualified teacher of over twenty years’ experience I can offer children one-to-one support in school. Working in liason with the class teacher , I can help them build confidence again both in academic work and in their whole well-being.

For many vulnerable children, school is a place where they can escape from their problems and enjoy the routine of a familiar place and be with their friends. However, if school work begins to be a struggle and their already fragile self- esteem plummets even lower, this can  have devastating effects which could affect the rest of their lives.

Children today have to deal with many huge issues . This could be bereavement, illness, family break-ups, abuse, bullying or learning difficulties. Building confidence in the classroom helps give these children feelings of self-worth and importance. This, in turn, provides them with a strength of mind to cope better with the other areas of their lives.

Aswell as primary teacher status, I have qualifications in Dyslexia and Counselling Children. I have also trained with Phoenix Bereavement Support Services and work alongside children who have lost some- one close to them.

My teaching is a multi-sensory approach with lots of fun and games provided in order to build trust and develop an enjoyment to learn.

Lessons can be funded by the school or they can be arranged on a private basis with payment direct from parents .

Fees are extremely reasonable. There is an initial assessment and meeting with the child’s teacher which is free of charge and under no obligation to follow up with lessons. The teaching sessions themselves are  45 minutes long charged at £25 each. Payment is required half termly. This price includes planning, resources and teaching time aswell as travelling expenses and feedback.

For more information or to book a preliminary meeting  please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.